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January 6 - March 4, 2017

Our juror, Sam Chung, has selected a vibrant array of artists for Teapots VIII.  Perfect for collectors and students alike to explore vessels showcased in our gallery for daily domestic tasks or fancier ones for more elaborate rituals.

Sam Chung relates in his juror’s statement that Teapots VIII celebrates “The teapot as one of the most recognizable and iconic pottery forms throughout the world.  It’s a form that has evolved throughout history in many cultures, yet its function remains constant, to deliver tea.  Not many ceramic forms point at such a specific ritual as the teapot does.  The handle extends an offer to the user’s hand, the lid invites the user to insert tea and hot water, and the spout delivers the reward.  It’s a magical object that mediates a series of actions for a specific beverage.”

“There is probably no other pottery form that is as complex as the teapot.  What other form demands so much attention to so many things? Form, design, function, ergonomics, pouring, scale, and history are among many of the factors that one can address.  It is also has the most sculptural potential within the vernacular of pottery and continues to be one of the most broadly interpreted forms in ceramics.  From strictly functional, to cube-shaped, to figurative, to organic, the teapot has taken on so many variations.  It has been one of the most creatively interpreted forms in historical and contemporary ceramics.”

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