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Ceramics Sculpture Culture 8 Items total

January 7-March 4, 2017

Ceramic Sculpture Culture (CSC) is a talented group of emerging ceramic sculptors who have united to form a collective. The artists of the CSC Collective are Kevin Rohde, Travis Winters, Rachel Ballard, Sara E. Morales-Morgan, Taylor Robenalt, Kyungmin Park, Jamie Bates Slone, Kensuke Yamada, Benjamin Lambert, and Richard W. James. We, as individual artists, have come together to create a community that reaches beyond the regional and institutional aspects of art making to encourage a larger artist community using technology and social media. As individual artists we all saw a need to form a collective that serves as an outlet for a sustainable studio practice while helping educate others. With this newly formed collective we are applying for group exhibitions, panel discussions and artist demonstrations, proposing Artist-Invite-Artist residencies, and running an Instagram page that highlights contemporary sculptural ceramics. The intention of this group is to enable artists to achieve greater goals in their own art practice by pulling from everyone’s individual resources and strengths.  Our goal is to unite more ceramic sculptors together and create a greater awareness of the amazing talent in the contemporary ceramic sculpture field.

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