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Cups for Recovery cups are created by those in substance abuse recovery in the 3.3 Men’s Recovery Program at Tuerk House, a Baltimore substance abuse recovery facility where Baltimore Clayworks’ Community Arts Program offers weekly ceramics instruction to non-violent, ex-offenders in recovery.
Proceeds from a Cups for Recovery purchase support ceramics programming at recovery institutions in in the Baltimore region.

Although the retail value of each item is $20, cups created by those in recovery cost $50. $30 of your purchase is tax-deductible and directly supports clay and recovery programming.  Upon purchase, you will receive your unique cup and a tax deductible letter from our development staff.
Thank you!

“Clay class clears my mind. It’s just a good feeling. Everybody’s always happy and in a good mood whereas sometimes things can get tense and testy for people (in the recovery program), including myself… making something with my hands gave me relief.” –George, Tuerk House participant

“Clay gives them (the folks in recovery) a roadmap. If you can have pride about taking a clump of dirt and making something beautiful and useful, then you can take pride in taking the gunk of your life and making it something beautiful and useful.”-Sue Colley, Addictions Counselor

“Where do I think clay take my mind? I think it puts it right in the moment, and that’s the great thing.” –Douglas, Tuerk House participant


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