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Juried by Jenny Mendes

May 13 - July 2, 2016

Menagerie is an animal themed exhibition of sculptures and vessels in animal form or decorated in motif.  Artists often find inspiration in the zoological realm, from cave paintings to contemporary ceramic arts, animals abound. We project our foibles and personalities on them.  We use their grace, strength or antics and translate that onto our artwork. Artists can hide the truth under the guise of a creature or in an attempt to embody an attribute. This show encompasses sculptures depicting the form or pose of a beast as well as teacups or bowls with animals gallivanting around. Do the animals have human qualities or is it the other way around?

Selected Artists: 

Alice Abrams (MA),  Eliot Joanna Angell (GA),  Carolyn Baginski (OH), Ann Chahbandour (PA), Stephanie Craig (OH), Kelly Lynn Daniels (MA), Mitzi Davis (GA), Shelsea Dodd (MD), Donna Downing (VA), Pamela Eisenmann (VA), Georgia Geisser (MD), Robin Gilbert (DC), Edwin Gould (MD), Krista Grecco (GA),  Shirley Gromen (VA).  Monica Guerro (FL),  Michelle Haas (CA),  Rebecca Hamlin Green (KY),  Elaine Heffler (NM),  Amy Henson (TX),  Tom Hubert (PA),  Mary Ann Jacobs (UT),  Susan Jurow (MD),  Betsy Kendrick (MD),  Madeline Klusmire (WA),  Judith Kornett (MD),  Marina Kuchinski (IL),  Soozie Large (ME),  Deb Lecce (NY),  Sara Jo Light (CO),  Lynne Norwood Lofton (OH), Katherine Maloney (VA),  Laura Marmarsh (IL),  Claire McArdle (CO),  Allora Jay McCullough (NY), Deora Meltz (NJ),  Nikki Mizak (NC),  Elaine Quave (SC),  Marilyn Richeda (NY), Taylor Robenalt (AL),  Judith Kepner Rose (NY),  J. Brough Schamp (MD), Lucille Scurti (NJ), Carol Beato Smith (NY), Anthony Stellachio (MD),  Katherine Anna Stone (PA),   Janet Street (PA),  Norifumi Taniguchi (MD),  Kelly Thiel (OR),  Maria Andrade Troya (NC),  Ann Tsontakis-Mally (NY),  Robin Whiteman (NY),  Samantha Wickman (MA),  Sarah-Anne Winchester (GA),  Delanie Wise (MA)


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